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Mark Currey:

Tenor Guitar

Mark Currey first started playing classical guitar at the age of ten and later studied music at the University of Birmingham. He has been a guitar teacher, conductor and composer based in York since 1996. His books include Beyond Orange and Hunting the Purple Buffalo for younger guitarists and his favourite food really is curry.

Andrew Forrest:

Requinto & Tenor Guitar

Andrew Forrest has performed and taught the guitar throughout England since the early 1960s. In 1975, he moved to North Yorkshire and taught in schools and colleges, working with both individuals and ensembles. Since there was a shortage of suitable material available for his guitar groups, he developed his arranging and compositional skills to produce many duets, trios, quartets etc.

John Mackenzie:

Requinto & Tenor Guitar

John Mackenzie spent the latter part of the 1960s working with rock bands. Having 'gone legit' by adopting the classical guitar, he was elected a Fellow of Trinity College in 1976, later becoming a Fellow of London College of Music. He took a PhD from Leeds University, and is the author of The Guitar Music of Stephen Dodgson (Cadenza, 2006).

David Scarth:

Bass Guitar

David Scarth plays a Gregory classical bass guitar designed specially for the York Guitar Quartet. He has composed several works for the quartet. He also has a parallel career as a jazz and rock musician (playing electric bass) and as a media composer, having written music for film scores and live theatre.