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Dear members of the York Classical Guitar Society,
My name is Igor Lichtmann, co-founder of
tonebase - an online platform that allows music lovers of all levels to access and learn from the top guitarists today.

We are the largest community of Classical Guitarists with over 4,000 users, and we would love to welcome the members of York Classical Guitar Society to our platform as well!

It would be an honour if you could share this with the members of your community, as we are offering all members of York Classical Guitar Society one month of FREE
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For more information and
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"Covering a wide range of music and showing intimate tips of top players,
tonebase aims to use the tools of the modern age to celebrate the Classical Guitar, and reveal cutting edge new ideas."

Eliot Fisk
Prof. "Mozarteum" Salzburg
& New England Conservatory

What is tonebase?
Featuring world-class instructors, HD audio & video lessons, private personalized instructions and knowledge that's useful for any guitarist,
tonebase features exclusive content you just can't get anywhere else- we guarantee it.

The Best Guitarists In The World
Featuring over 45 of the world's best guitarists teaching YOU how to play better.

100's Of Video Lessons On All Things Guitar
From Bach to Tremolo & everything between, there's something for every player.

World's Largest Community Of Guitarists
Join over 4000 of your fellow Classical Guitarists in the world's largest community!
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 If any one has bought a guitar from our buy & sell page, can they let me know so that I can remove the advert?